Tips for Hiring the Right Painting Contractor

Choosing the perfect color scheme will have a long lasting impact on your finished project.  Choosing the right painting contractor is just as important! Long after the paint is dry, you don't want your walls, fencing, cabinets, garage floor epoxy or roof coating to fail, fade, crack or peel due to a bad paint job or insufficient surface preparation.  

If you think its expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.  Hire a painting contractor, not a handyman. There's a lot more to painting than using a roller.

  1. How long has the contractor been in business?  It is common in the industry for contractors to change the name of their company because of some complaints or bad publicity.  To check how long a contractor has been operating under their current company name and to ensure they are in good standing, do a company name search on the Arizona Corporation Commission website. You can also check the Arizona Better Business Bureau website for a rating.      
  2. Does the contractor have the proper/required licenses?Conduct a contractor search online at the Arizona Registrar of Contractors website to ensure they have the correct license for your job. Some licenses only allow a contractor to do smaller jobs and licenses can be solely commercial or residential. See if the contractor has any complaints that have not been resolved. If a company is not registered with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, treat it as a red flag.    
  3. Does the contractor have insurance and bonding?A company should carry adequate insurance to complete the size of your job or project.  It is very important to ask questions about insurance coverage.  You can avoid costly mistakes by hiring a painting company that has insurance to protect you and your home in case of damage to your property or injuries to the painters while they are on your property. The bottom line is to never hire anyone that does not have insurance, regardless of whether or not you have homeowners or renters insurance.  Do not let a painter convince you otherwise!Make sure that they have Liability Insurance, Bonding, and Worker's Compensation coverage. Ask the painting company for proof of insurance. The painting company can ask their insurance company to fax, email, or mail a copy of the certificate of insurance to you. Every reputable painting company will willingly provide proof of insurance.  
  4. Will the contractor provide references?Checking online reviews at sites such as Yelp! and can help you narrow down your choices of contractors.  In addition, most painting companies would be happy to give you names and contact information for recent jobs they have completed.   
  5. Does the contractor provide a written guaranty or warranty of their work?Some painting companies offer no warranties or guaranty of their work.  The company that provides the least expensive quote may be cutting corners on surface preparation or using inappropriate paint that will not be apparent for a long period of time. This can result in streaking, fading or chipping long after the painter is gone.  A reputable painting company will stand behind its work and quality for a specific period of time, as printed in the contract.  

Be Specific About the Project

It's a good idea to walk each potential contractor around the areas (indoor or outdoor) to be painted while discussing your needs, and particularly any aspects of the project that could affect the price. Be specific about which surfaces you want to have painted (walls, trims, moldings, ceilings, etc.) and the paint colors and finishes you want used.  Don't be afraid to ask questions and take as much time as you need to feel comfortable. If you're not sure about colors or finishes, ask for advice!

Review the Contract 

Once you've settled on a contractor, ask for a written contract and review it carefully. As a consumer, you have the right to ask detailed questions about any issues you need clarified. In particular, be sure to verify the following: 

  • What exactly is being painted (house, trim, walls, molding, etc.)
  • Details on preparation and cleanup
  • Paint colors for each area to be painted
  • How the contractor will protect plants, patios, furniture, or other items
  • How much time the project will take, from start to finish
  • When and how the contractor will be paid 

DR Paint is a reputable painting contractor that is licensed, bonded, insured and provides a warranty. We encourage you to check out our reviews, credentials and licensing!

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