Chandler, AZ Interior painting a guide to useful tapes


Chandler, AZ Interior Painting: A Guide to Useful Tapes

Any Chandler, AZ interior painting project for your house is going to benefit substantially from the proper use of tape. Just as important as proper use, however, is choosing the proper tape.

Painter's Tape

Painter's tape is the best tape to have if you can't find anything designed for the specific job at hand. Be aware that painter's tape has the potential to take the finish off a polyurethane floor if left there too long.

Masking Tape

Masking tape's main draw is affordability, though we have found it useful when brick, stone or carpeting is involved. Unless those examples cover your needs, masking tape should be used only as a last resort. Why? It's a pain to remove from glass, usually tears paint away from walls and is also heck on polyurethane floors.

Brown Paper Tape

Brown paper tape is best for when you need to paint along a sharp edge, making it ideal for highly decorative interior painting. The greatest advantage of brown paper tape is that it affords a nice, clean cut.

Striping Tape

A number of specialty tapes are available to help you deal with specific Chandler, AZ interior painting situations and striping tape is one of the most often used. Striping paint is very useful for detailing, trimming and creating intricate patterns. We also find it remarkably useful for painting in confined spaces.

Low-Tack Tape

Low-tack tape may be labeled as artist's tape when you go to look for it. Since it doesn't adhere all that impressively, you might want to keep a roll available for when you are doing a rapid touch-up job, but our recommendation is to avoid it completely if you have access to better alternatives.

If you feel overwhelmed with your Chandler, AZ Interior Painting project, give us a call and let us take care of it for you, we would love to help.

Chandler, AZ Interior Painting: A Guide to Useful Tapes

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