Chandler, AZ commercial painting - The 3 types and their features


Chandler, AZ Commercial Painting - The 3 Types and Their Features

In Chandler, AZ Commercial painting necessitates the usage of special equipment and tools. There are also specialized skills and painting techniques needed, that only our professional painters can provide - and cannot be achieved at home.

Most Chandler, AZ Commercial Painting projects are handled by our expert painting contractors who specialize in it and perform flawless, beautiful work. There are many types of commercial painting - namely - Industrial, Institutional and Maintenance.

1. Industrial Painting. Best left to our Dr. Paint painting professionals, Industrial painting require industrial grade cleaning tools and equipment at times. Handling all the cleaning equipment and agents and tools has some safety concerns. Our certified painters have the necessary skills and know-how to efficiently manage the entire cleaning and painting process.

Large structures are painted by the usage of lift equipment and our trained painters can easily operate these lifts. They are also experts in implementing the latest spray painting techniques on large commercial structures.

2. Institutional Painting. As per the term, this sort of painting covers institutions like government buildings, daycare centers, health care facilities and educational structure, and necessitates special considerations. Respecting all the rules and regulations of these institutions is important and duly noted by our courteous painters, as they know it makes for good business practices.

The main concern that comes with institutional commercial painting projects is the care necessary as to not interrupt or inconvenience the use of these facilities by its residents and users.

We always utilize low polluting paints for the interior painting of these institutions so as to not negatively impact the air quality inside.

3. Maintenance Painting. Hiring our painting contractors for maintenance painting on apartment buildings and condominiums is more cost-effective, than replacing it.

Our professional painting company instills a peace of mind in its customers as they know when a job is well done. Safety, skills, and professionalism - that's what Dr. Paint Commercial Painting workers will provide.

Chandler, AZ Commercial Painting - The 3 Types and Their Features

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