Chandler Stucco Painting  




Stucco is a material usually consisting of Portland cement, sand, lime and water and is often used for the exterior coating of houses. It is an excellent choice for your home owing to it's durability and strength as it provides protection against the elements and can last for years. But what happens when it's time to refresh and repaint your tired/aged stucco? Repainting worn out stucco can be a great way to update the exterior of your home and increase aesthetic value. However, in inexperienced hands, this can create significant problems that will damage the structure of your walls and be costly to rectify.


Stucco walls require correct preparation prior to Chandler Stucco Painting  . This involves the cleaning of surfaces to remove debris and the repairing of any fractures in the existing render with specialist exterior grade caulk. It is important this procedure is completed professionally as poorly mended cracks will remain visible after the paint is applied. The choice of materials used, including primer, paint and tools, will differ depending on the properties of individual walls. Finer textured stucco for example, will require a different method of preparation and application to that of a coarser composition. In addition to this, each individual wall will differ in the amount of time required between the different stages of the painting process.


It is necessary that repair work is allowed appropriate time to cure before proceeding with paint application. Failure to do so will result in damaged walls that may need the entire stucco coating removed. A professional Chandler Stucco Painting will be able to advise you on the appropriate action needed for your wall type/structure and complete any work to an exceptional standard. This will ultimately reduce your out of pocket expenses and ensure the painted stucco remains in excellent condition for years to come.