Choosing the Right Type of Paint When Interior Painting In Chandler, AZ


 When you are hiring someone to do interior painting in your home it’s important to get the right type of paint. However, most people do not know that certain paints are great for certain areas in your home. Here are some common paint types and some tips on where to use them.

One type of paint that is great for interior painting in Chandler, AZ is Satin. This has a silky type appearance making it great for walls in the living room. It’s also great in children's rooms since it gives it a great atmosphere. Be careful if you need to scrub the walls a lot because this paints finish comes off easily.

Another type of paint is Matte paint. This is great for walls that have dimples and dots. For example ceilings are a great place for this finish. Bathrooms are not a good place to place this type of paint since it’s hard to clean off.

Gloss paint is great for moldings and other trim in your home. It’s not good for walls because it shows imperfections really well. This type of paint is really easy to clean.

Semi-gloss paint is another great paint to use for trim in your home. It’s humidity resistant making it great to place in your kitchen or bathroom (where a lot of steam occurs). This paint is really easy to clean.

Eggshell is a paint type that is a great choice for the bedroom and living room. It is super easy to touch up if you get scuffs. It’s also really easy to clean.

By using the correct type of paint in each of the rooms in your home you will help it look nicer longer. Our company can help you achieve the look you want. We will make your interior painting Chandler, AZ job look spectacular.

Choosing the Right Type of Paint When Interior Painting In Chandler, AZ


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