Exterior Stucco Painting in Tempe, AZ



Seeking the help of an expert when deciding to update your Exterior Stucco Painting in Tempe, AZ is a must. This is not a do-it-yourself project for beginners. This process requires the knowledge and experience of professionals.


The first step is to examine the finish of your stucco for signs of damage. This could include cracks, patches and chips. These spots will have to be properly repaired before continuing with the process. It is important that the repairs are correctly done.


The next step in the procedure includes a cleaning that removes buildup and prepares the surface for the application of the finish. Proper preparation of the surface is extremely important as stucco is a special combination of materials.


Sand, limestone, Portland cement and water is usually what stucco is made of. Therefore, the finish is specially made for this mixture of substances and is nothing like regular exterior paint. It has properties that allow it to expand and contract with the weather.


There are an unlimited number of textures and colors to choose from. It all depends on what you are looking for. You can update your home with a fresh, new look or opt for a more traditional color.


When considering Exterior Stucco Painting in Tempe, AZ, it is wise to do research and find an experienced company that has been in business for a while. Professionals have the knowledge and skill to give your home a bright, modern appearance.


A stucco finish on your home can give you years of service, providing you adhere to a proper maintenance schedule. We would be happy to inspect your home for potential problems and offer advice for repairs and upkeep.


Consider calling an expert on Exterior Stucco Painting in Tempe, AZ for an update and repairs on your home.

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