Gilbert, AZ. Interior Painting tips: Cleaning and storing when the job is done


Gilbert, AZ Interior Painting Tips: Cleaning and Storing When the Job is Done

You cannot truly say that your Gilbert, AZ interior painting project is a job well done until you have successfully cleaned up and stored away your supplies. If you just want to do a little touching-up job by yourself, however, you will definitely want to add these cleaning supplies to your set of painting tools.

Aluminum Foil

Save money where you can and save time where you can by lining a paint roller tray with aluminum foil. When you are done, just lift the foil and replace as needed. No muss or fuss.

Rust Prevention

You definitely want to use enough water to remove paint from brushes and trays, but it is just as important to make sure your supplies are thoroughly dried to protect against any leftover moisture on the metal parts introducing unwanted rust into future interior painting plans.

Skin: For Pudding, Not Painting

Tamp the lid down tightly on a can of leftover paint and then store the can upside down. The necessity to turn the paint can right side up before it can be opened for future use will prevent the formation of rubbery skin on the top surface.

Cleaning Your Hands

Cleaning your hands after you Gilbert, AZ interior painting project actually begins before you start painting. The trick is to cover every inch of your hands with waterless cleaner and then wipe rather rinse away the excess. This process leaves you with a thin protective layer preventing paint from adhering to your skin.

Painting a room is only half the battle. The rest of the war lies on the battlefield of cleaning up and storing away. And if you think that cleaning and storing all those supplies is not a job in itself, then you certainly will want to consider hiring our professionals to do the job for you.

Gilbert, AZ Interior Painting Tips: Cleaning and Storing When the Job is Done

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