Hire the Right Commercial Painter in Tempe, AZ





If you are looking for a Commercial Painter in Tempe, AZ, you have probably heard horror stories from people who hired fly-by-night painters and had their work done poorly. Avoid your own hiring mistake by investigating your independent contractor as follows:

1. Bid the job

Often, a customer will talk to only one Commercial Painter in Tempe, AZ before hiring. To get the best deal and make sure you're hiring someone reputable, though, you should put the job out for bid. This means talking to several painters before you settle on one. Evaluate the bids carefully, and do not simply go with the lowest bid.

2. Industry Affiliation and License

Professional painters have professional organizations and they are licensed. Ask prospective hires what affiliations they have, and whether you can see their license. A reputable painter will have no problem answering these questions.

3. Client Testimonials

Another excellent way to check the quality of a painter is to speak with people who have used the painter’s services before. A successful painter will be able to provide you a list of former clients who can verify the quality of the painter’s work.

4. Get a Quote in Writing

When you ask an independent contractor for an estimate, you might get an overly optimistic number. To avoid disputes after the job is done, require your painter to give you an estimate in writing.

5. Insurance

The professional painter you hire understands that you have no prior knowledge of their work. They should have insurance, and should be willing to share proof of insurance with you.


Hiring a Commercial Painter in Tempe, AZ is not a precise art. You can be diligent and still have a bad experience. Following the five steps above, however, will greatly increase your odds of success.

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