How Much Paint Do You Need for a Room? Tips from a Phoenix House Painter.



Figuring out how much paint is needed for a room is a matter of color, size and quality of paint. A standard bedroom usually requires two gallons of paint.  On average, one gallon of paint will cover 300 sq./ft., however there are exceptions.


The color of the paint matters. For example, red requires the most amount of coats and will therefore require more paint.  Fortunately, there are a couple ways to reduce the amount of coats needed to cover a wall with red.  Some paint suppliers can supply paint with a red tint base. This means before the colors are mixed, you actually start with the color red. This will help keep the number of coats down. Another option is to use a medium gray paint color first and then paint red over it. This usually limits the number of red coats to two instead of many more.  
 Another factor is to consider is the quality of paint you use. The price of a can of paint can range from around $10/gallon to as high as $35/gallon.Typically, premium paint will cover better then a basic one.  Price is based on quality of solids and percentage of acrylic in the paint. The higher the solids and more acrylic based the better the paint. The better the paint, the better the coverage and longevity.  These tips on how much paint you will need to paint a single room are provided by DR Paint, a Phoenix based painting contractor. DR Paint can be reached at 480-377-2468 or via email at