How to avoid common Chandler, AZ House painting pitfalls


How to Avoid Common Chandler, AZ House Painting Pitfalls

In Chandler, AZ House painting is no casual walk in the park. Take it from us, we know. If your plan is to head outside armed only with some brushes, pans, paint and a vision in your head of what you want your house to look like when you are done, you are destined for some unpleasant surprises. Let our experience be your guide and you can avoid many common pitfalls.

Brush Marks

Have your Chandler, AZ house painting experiences left you disappointed due to unsightly brush strokes? Stains--both solid and semitransparent--are likelier culprits than paint. Stains can sometimes dry even before you've had time to slap on a second coat. The good news is that your solution to avoiding unsightly brush marks is fairly simple: work on smaller areas you can more quickly complete. It also won't hurt to stir stains more frequently than you would paint.


Just because it hasn't rained in a few days doesn't mean your exterior Chandler, AZ house painting plans are free from the negative effects of moisture. All those leaves on the trees around your house retain rain after a good shower. If those leaves come into contact with your house, the result could be paint that doesn't adhere like it should.

How to Beat the Heat

Direct sunlight is likely to cause fresh paint to blister so don't try fighting against it. We recommend leaving one part of your house half-finished and starting fresh on a shaded area in order to avoid the effects of the sun. If you would rather leave this to the Pro's then why not contact us today and let us take care of your Chandler, AZ House Painting needs.

How to Avoid Common Chandler, AZ House Painting Pitfalls


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