Mesa, AZ Exterior House Painting




Why hire a professional house painter to paint your house? Why not just go to the store, buy some brushes, some paint, a few pans and go at it? Here’s the thing: there’s almost always a lot of prep work to be done on the exterior of the house so the paint job will hold – so that it will not have to be re-done in a few years. Some of the issues the house painter has to address – before even getting out the brushes – may include wood rot, mold or mildew, or paint peeling or cracking – called alligatoring. Window glass may be cracked, glaze may crumble, caulking may be loose. So there’s often plenty of basic repair to be done.


Then there’s the issue of creating a smooth surface so that the fresh paint won't peel off. The professional Mesa, AZ Exterior House Painting does a lot of sanding and cleaning. How do you effectively sand and clean your house without creating a major lead paint or dust contamination problem around property, plants and people? How do you make use of a high pressure hose in such a way that you avoid getting water past the surface and into the interior of the house itself, maybe even soaking electrical conduits, areas behind the siding, insulation, plaster, etc.?


OK, enough of the potential horror stories! Mesa, AZ Exterior House Painting is the domain of the professionals because they take the time to repair, sand and create a smooth and dust-free painting surface, and they do this in such a way as to protect plants, people and other areas of the home. Together with picking out the right high quality primer and paint, the prep-work and protective measures assure that a beautiful coat of exterior paint will last for many years.