Mesa, AZ Stucco Painting Services



Stucco is a beautiful and durable covering for your home, but when it needs freshening you may be overwhelmed with the number of steps needed to properly complete Mesa, AZ Stucco Painting Services. If any of the tasks that are needed to paint the exterior of your stucco home are skipped or completed inappropriately you risk a disappointing final result. The skills needed to prepare stucco for painting are normally beyond those of a typical homeowner. Before you take on the task of getting your house ready for exterior painting consider the following.


To prepare the exterior surface a brisk brushing is necessary to removed excess mineral build up, loose materials and dirt. Getting into all the areas and crevices is hard to do on your own and may be dangerous if you home has more than one story or many complex architectural details. Once the outdoor structure of your house has been brushed a power wash is recommended to clear sway the debris and deep clean your exterior walls. It is best to use professional grade power washers to complete this task, a hefty investment. Even if you can rent such equipment it will require specialized training to operate.


Our Mesa, AZ Stucco Painting Services work as a team to clean your stucco home thoroughly and repair any cracks or other damage prior to painting. We have the specialized equipment and the knowledge of proper techniques to ready your place for stucco painting. Let us evaluate your situation and offer you a reasonably priced alternative to handling the painting yourself. Well trained and experienced, our crew will take your stucco home from grimy and dated to crisp and fresh, proudly representing the pride you take in your dwelling, by preparing it for a new paint job.