Preparation for Exterior Painting in Mesa, AZ




Exterior stucco walls can crack and fade from exposure to sunlight over time, and the best way to freshen them up is with a professional paint job. Stucco, a mixture of sand, cement and lime, presents challenges for painters due to its rough surface and texture. The most important factor in achieving a quality stucco paint job is the preparation done prior to painting. A quality professional Exterior Painting in Mesa, AZ takes great care to prepare the stucco surface to ensure an even, lasting paint job.


The first step in preparing the stucco surface is to remove dust, dirt and loose stucco. The surface is brushed thoroughly with a broom or brush. If the stucco is particularly dirty, a power washer is used to remove the deep set dirt. The second step before painting is to repair the settlement cracks that can occur. Small cracks are filled using an acrylic-based caulking compound. The caulk is sanded down to smooth it out and make it even with the rest of the stucco surface. Larger cracks require sealing with a stucco patching compound. The edges of the crack are chipped away with a putty knife, the compound applied to the crack and then smoothed to blend in with the surrounding stucco. When patching is done properly, the visibility of the cracks is greatly reduced.


The final step of preparation for exterior stucco painting is applying primer. Before primer can be applied, the stucco repair compounds must be allowed to dry completely. This may take up to 10 days depending on which products are used. A coat of masonry primer is then applied to the entire stucco surface. Using primer assures that the results obtained with the finish coat of paint are of a top, professional Exterior Painting in Mesa, AZ quality and will last for years to come.