Professional Mesa, AZ Painting Contractors



Is it time to repaint your home? Are we talking about the outside or the inside of your house? There may be different colors palettes based on the location. You will want to get the best Professional Mesa, AZ Painting Contractors involved as early as possible and that is us. Whether it is the exterior or interior, we stand ready to handle it, professionally with trained, insured and bonded personnel who do this every day. It begins with a complete cleaning done to remove all dust, dirt, loose paint and any grease that may have gotten on the surface. In order to do a complete job, we will use a pressure washer and do a top down cleaning that not all painting contractors offer.


Interior painting is handled in much the same way, but we do not usually use the pressure washer in your living room. The walls, ceilings, and woodwork are carefully prepared in appropriate ways to ensure a clean, non-greasy surface. Any repair work that needs to be done will be accomplished. This usually means any holes or defects are filled in and smoothed out to present a smooth surface for painting. In the event that texturing is required, this, too, is handled quickly and with appropriate protection provided for carpets, furniture and other surfaces not being painted the color that is being used at that point.


Our Professional Mesa, AZ Painting Contractors will provide a complete quote for inside and/or outside and follow that with the best preparation and painting services available. The best thing you can do for yourself is to think about the colors you want fro inside and outside. We can help you with this as we have all of the samples you will need to make this decision. Then let us get to work and make your home a cleaner, more visually appealing place than you have right now.