Professional Mesa House Painting



Professional Mesa House Painting knows that there are three major steps required for painting exterior stucco: surface cleaning, repair and site preparation, and paint application. If dirt and debris are left on surfaces prior to painting, the quality and longevity of the job will suffer. A light brushing may be all that is required to remove exterior dirt; however, professionals generally opt to utilize a pressure washer to penetrate down into deeper grooves. A quality cleaning job is worth the effort; clients will appreciate the outcome.


To achieve optimal results for clients, worn and damaged stucco must be addressed. For smaller cracks and cosmetic issues, use masonry-compatible caulk mixed with texture that matches the wall surface to repair. For larger cracks and issues, remove debris with tools and fill gaps with dry stucco repair product. Allow to fully cure. The final step in prepping is to tape off trim and doors and mask well to protect them from paint overspray.


Now that the surface is prepped, it's time to paint. For new stucco, Professional Mesa House Painting knows to wait 60 days to allow surfaces to fully cure. Cover the entire surface with a coat of primer. When surfaces have been primed and you're ready to start, a paint sprayer is the way to go. Sprayers are preferred over rollers. They will save you time and money--by using less product and reducing labor time. Using short bursts and painting in a variety of directions will avoid unsightly lines in the finish. Be sure to back roll with a paint roller to fill in gaps and improve the look. Carefully remove tape and masking, and stand back to admire your work. If you follow these steps, you are certain to satisfy your clients.