Professional Tempe, AZ House Painting



The next time you walk through your house and look at some of the marks, holes, and indentations that happen all too often, on the walls, especially when you have kids, think about us. Think about those Professional Tempe, AZ House Painting that can come in and help you spruce up your house, quickly and leave you with a fresh coat of paint and refinished woodwork that stands out for all to see.


You might also think about all of the tasks that we must accomplish for you even before the painting happens. Those marks might be able to be cleaned off of the surface, but indentations and holes cannot be ignored. They must be filled in and that takes a preparation of joint compound and, occasionally, a hardener. This is applied in a circular motion to fill in that hole and then worked in slowly widening circles to make a smooth transition from one side of the circle to another. Professional Tempe, AZ House Painting contractors, like us, do much more than simply paint things.


The amount of preparation that is necessary for any painting project might actually amaze you. Let's take all of the damage that your kids can create and what needs to be done to make it go away. A foot through the drywall? We need to cut more of the drywall off in order to expose at least one of the studs, preferably two of them. We then cut a piece of wallboard of approximately the same size and shape. This is then attached to the studs and melded together with drywall tape and coated with the joint compound that creates a solid piece after it drys. The entire surface of this patch is either sanded or wiped with a construction sponge to smooth any rough edges and allowed to dry, textured if needed, and painted. Professional Tempe, AZ House Painting experts, like ours, again, do more than simply sling paint.