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Exterior Stucco Painting in Mesa, AZ is generally a composition of cement, sand, lime and a watery mixture. Only a skilled, experienced and knowledgeable professional painter can apply this material correctly. Working with stucco requires knowing the many different ranges, including how many coatings to apply, what types of coatings, which tools to use and how to mix the stucco. Our Exterior Stucco Painting in Mesa, AZ experts and contractors, all have an expert background in working with stucco. We will work with you to give you your vision behind your exterior stucco project, to keep your properties looking great year round.


Homes benefit from the use of stucco, which is durable, water-resistant, fire-resistant, and low-maintenance. This unique material can be hand-applied or machine sprayed, often with one base layer and a finish layer. Stucco can be applied over any exterior wood framing or any light-gauge steel framing. When Exterior Stucco Painting in Mesa, AZ techniques are applied correctly, it is long-lasting and will protect your home from environmental damage. The quality of stucco that you receive from our team of specialists and it will be a great investment.


We are very experienced with the special paint techniques that can be used to treat your Exterior Stucco Painting in Mesa, AZ projects and to keep your property protected, especially from water damage. Stucco serves as a trusted barrier, which prevents rain and moisture from getting inside the walls, but it also allows water vapor from inside your property to escape from the walls. Dirt, bits of leaves, mold, pollen and environmental pollutants can find any number of crevices to settle into, causing potential staining, discoloring or these elements can even damage your existing, yet aging stucco surface.

 We are a licensed and insured painting contractors and we know the painting business very well, with success stories to prove it. If you need remodeling or you have small chips, fractures, stains, or fading with your older stucco paint, call us. When you need top Exterior Stucco Painting in Mesa, AZ done, don't take a chance, contact us because we will get the job done right the first time and every time.



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