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If you have a painting job to do, you are going to call in a commercial painting company, right? Because frankly, you don’t want all the bother, the mess and the confusion that do it yourself painting generally causes.


I recently built a new house, just a small house for my husband and me. Well, I say built it, of course, I just supervised it, along with my husband. His task was the hard core stuff – joists and walls and roof and plumbing and electrics. My role was the aesthetic and design oriented one. It was me who decided where I wanted windows, doors, outlets, what kind of wood we would like for the floors and the doors, and above all, the paint colors.


Naturally I wanted the Best Painting Company in Mesa, AZ that I could find to do the work. But what constitutes the best painting company? I talked to a lot of local companies, and yes, they could most of them do a good, clean job for me. Prices varied somewhat, but I wasn’t looking for the cheapest, just the best. So how did I decide who to use?


The company which impressed me the most, and which got the work, was the one that actually helped advise me on colors. Our house is on a farm, in a very rural setting, and built to blend in with the local architecture, which is Mennonite. We live in a warm climate, so I wanted cool, calm colors. I had spent months carrying paint chips around with me, and confronted my (color blind unfortunately) husband with them at intervals. He just looked bemused, and said, It’s up to you." I really needed someone to advise me.


John the paint guy was great. First of all, we took a tour around the house and he advised what type of paint would work best in each location. Then he got out his color swatches, and we chose a range of shades that would all work together, inside and out. So if a door is open, and you can glimpse outside paintwork, or the color of an adjoining room, everything works together seamlessly.


Ceilings were uniformly white, and he advised a soft white which avoided that hospital look. Walls throughout are shades of cream. Paintwork inside is either blue gray or a very pale gray green. Outside paintwork is a pale green turquoise, and the decks are stained cedar. The whole look is soft and elegant, and I was very glad to have chosen the Best Painting Company in Mesa, AZ  , that not only did a fast, efficient and clean job, but was able to work alongside me to ensure that the colors I chose worked perfectly.


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