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Do you have a room or rooms in your home that need to be painted? Have you put off actually contacting any interior house painters in Tempe, AZ because you wondered whether they would work within your schedule at a fair price and then clean up after themselves?

That's perfectly understandable. Nobody wants to shell out good money to get the interior of their home painted and then go through days, or even weeks, of rude and obnoxious painters tracking through their home at the most inconvenient times. You certainly don't want to be paying out the ear for shoddy work and then on top of it all having to spend precious time cleaning up the messes the painters leave behind.  

Our customers back up what we say about ourselves.

Those fears about incompetent uncaring painters are well founded, but DR Paint is different. We know that there is no reason you should take our word for it and that's why we can make the testimonials of many satisfied customers available for your review.  

We're professionals and we act like it.

DR Paint has been giving homes and businesses new and improved looks for over ten years. We're a family owned business and we'd love to help your family by taking care of your painting needs. Here's why you should hire us:

• We take the time to prepare the room for painting. This means moving furniture, protecting the areas that won't be painted.

• We're just as meticulous about cleanup as we are about preparation.

• We know your time is valuable. We show up when we say we will.

 We think we're the area's best interior house painters in Tempe, AZ. We'd like to prove it to you. Call for an appointment or to see testimonials.


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