What Does Exterior Stucco Painting in Chandler, AZ Entail?





Exterior Stucco Painting in Chandler, AZ is a favorite of many homeowners. Not only does it help them decorate their exterior space so easily but it is also an affordable painting option. In order to get quality work done on your walls, it is important that you work with experienced stucco painters. While the job may look as easy as spraying paint on a wall, the reality is that it requires a lot of expertise to produce quality work.


The first step when it comes to Exterior Stucco Painting in Chandler, AZ is cleaning the surface which will be painted. This process involves using pressurized water to remove any dirt on the wall. The water will also remove any mildew, mold and loose stucco from the surface. After cleaning the surface, it will be given time to dry.


The second step involves scraping off any loose stucco paint. This will be replaced with fresh stucco. Next, caulking will be applied around the windows and doors as well as cracks and joints on the surface substrate. Most stucco painters use silicone or elastomeric for caulking purposes. The painters will also mask the door, decks, walkways, chimneys, roofs, windows and even shrubs where necessary. This will protect these areas from drips and paint splatters.


After preparing the surface, the painters will apply a coat of paint using highly-powered spray equipment. The coat will be left to dry before subsequent coats are applied. Afterwards, a touch-up coat will be applied and left to dry.


Exterior Stucco Painting in Chandler, AZ experts will also offer clean-up services after the painting job is done. The idea is to leave your premises as clean as they found it. Working with professionals is definitely the best idea because you do not have to supervise their work.

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